Urban Circle

and cycling

We pay careful attention to the way you live on your bike – and off it. And whether it’s that morning coffee you’ve just spilled all over your shirt, a business meeting in the scorching heat of the office, being caught in an afternoon downpour or slinging your heavy backpack over your shoulder heading for an evening at the theatre, well - we’ve been there too. And designed this collection so that you don’t have to miss out on all the exciting things you’d like to fit into your day.

Look closely

Every detail you’ll find on our clothing is testament to years of experience and careful planning. We’ve studied the way you sit and move on a bike, the weather conditions you ride in – and adjusted our designs accordingly. See that button? And that change in texture? Everything is there for a reason.

Fabrics of the future

Aluminium jackets, perforated dresses and reflective ponchos that turn into evening gowns – we’ve gone for it and left the well-trodden paths to the enjoyment of others.

Award-winning collection

The Free Circle Pilot Collection was awarded the editor-in-chief prize at Designblok Premiere Fashion Week '13, and at the Czech Grand Design she won the title of Fashion Designer of the Year and Grand Designer of the Year for Monica Drápalová. Part of it became part of the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.